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On Cryptocurrency:

Developing Frameworks for ICO Investing, 2018

Cryptoeconomics for the Long Term: Part 1 and Part 2, 2018

On Bridge:

Taming the Weak Notrump: Part 1, 2013 and Part 2, 2013

China Semifinal Comeback, 2012

On Psychology:

Imagination Institute: Polymath Retreat, 2017

On Travel:

“Vesuvius in the Air” Old Travel Blogs, 2013-2015

Writing About Me:


Double Dummy Documentary, 2017

CBC Feature, 2017

World Championship Win, 2017

Kibitz the Pros, 2016

King of Bridge, 2014

Nominee for Junior Declarer Play of the Year (New York Times), 2012

Winner of Youth Bridge Race (New York Times), 2012

AMA with BridgeWinners, 2012

My Company (GetLost):

The Points Guy Feature, 2020

Phocuswire Interview, 2020

Film/Media About Me:


Watch Double Dummy, the Movie Online! Released 2018.