I like to build and break things.

I graduated in June 2018 with distinction from Stanford in 4 years with my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Management Science and Engineering.

I am a world champion bridge player, and professional bridge teacher. I have worked with students around the world, and continue to represent the US in international bridge competitions. I have broken several records as the youngest bridge player to achieve Life Master ranking, and have won two gold, two silver, and two bronze medals in international competition.

I became interested in travel, credit cards, and frequent flyer programs as a hobbyist, and quickly found ways to game the established systems. I have traveled to over 100 countries, leveraging this expertise for fun. I worked on JetBlue’s Loyalty and Marketing team in 2016, building and breaking their loyalty program to encourage customers to travel more frequently, redeem more often, and prevent program abuse.

After JetBlue, I worked on research with Martin Seligman and several other leading psychology professors to publish a paper on imagination and creativity, breaking expectations of how expertise is formed by studying polymaths during a weekend research retreat.

I also became fascinated by the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2017. I was an active member of the Stanford Bitcoin Club, and have traded, invested, and written about the Crypto space. I am particularly interested in mechanism and ecosystem design, breaking cryptoeconomic protocols, and problems surrounding governance in a decentralized environment. I worked at Fraktal Group as an incentive designer and blockchain consultant, where I consulted several companies on their blockchain strategy and implementation.

I am now working on my travel startup, GetLost, which will allow airlines and leisure travelers to break free of their adversarial relationship by selling last-minute flights to mystery destinations. This will allow leisure customers to fly at substantially lower prices, while serving as an additional way for airlines to sell their empty seats within 2 weeks of departure. This project is ongoing, check out our website, and subscribe for updates!